About Dunsteel

Leading Steel Fabrication Business
In 1964 Noel Dunlop started making simple steel products for the local farmers in the Southern Highlands of NSW. Today, over 50 years later, it is still operated by the Dunlop family.

Dunsteel has become a highly respected Steel Fabrication Business with a large well equipped workshop in Moss Vale NSW.

We have successfully completed 100’s of major steel construction projects for leading builders and architects.

Dunsteel are at the forefront of prefabricated stairway design for large multistory buildings.


Innovative Build Solutions

  • We can simplify the steelwork of complex and detailed architect’s plans to reduce costs and overall build times

Stairway Build Systems

  • We have developed unique modular stairway build systems that provide faster access to the deck and significantly reduce cycle times.


  • We are known for keeping our commitments to quality, cost and delivery dates
  • We have the in-house expertise and capabilities to control every stage of large and complex projects.
  • We have a invested in a large well equipped workshop.
  • ASI Environmental Sustainability Charter compliant.
  • ISO quality level


  • Established In-house project management and quality systems.
  • We have the in-house capability to produce detailed workshop drawings and 3D modelling.
  • We have a Robotic Beam Line and a Plasma Cutter capable of producing high volumes of very accurate steelwork.

Leading Steel Fabrication Business

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