Structural steel is used in some shape or form in almost any type of structure. In today’s modern architecture, steel is a predominant feature because of its adaptability and its aesthetic appeal. It is widely recognised as one of the most sustainable materials in the construction industry. It is strong, recyclable and durable.

Structural steel offers structures more light, space and the option of modification if required. It is known as a cost effective solution in the construction of structures making it the material of choice within the industry.

There are some key advantages in the use of structural steel including:


  • The Australian weather can be extreme from floods to hurricanes; steel can withstand these conditions, keeping structures safe and secure. Steel is more fire resistant than other materials and doesn’t succumb to issues such as termites or mold.  Structural steel is recognised as one of the most sustainable materials available and is recyclable. In fact over 80% of steel is recycled in the manufacturing process making it reusable time and time again without impacting its quality and durability.


  • Structural steel is often the preferred material used by Architects and Builders due to its durability and flexibility that allows freedom when designing structures. Structural steel can help maximise space in a structure, as it requires less room than other materials such as concrete. The benefit this is the structure can be easily subdivided or altered in any way that changing circumstances require. Structural steel framed buildings can be readily upgraded or refurbished for change of use, with new facades and other architectural features added with ease.


  • One of the reasons structural steel is one of the most chosen materials is the aesthetic appeal it offers. It’s flexibility allows it to be crafted into many shapes and sizes creating dramatic effects such as beautiful facades, a perfect example of this is the Westfield Prada Façade that Dunsteel worked on in central Sydney. It is the perfect material as it is both strong and lightweight. This is favoured within the construction industry as it allows for bigger open spaces without being hindered by support columns or reducing the natural light giving architects greater flexibility in the design phase of the structure.

There are other clear advantages of the use of structural steel that include time and safety.  Steel structures can be erected efficiently. The predictability and accuracy of steel components speeds up the process and allows follow-on trades to access the structure sooner.  In many inner city projects, it is also important to reduce disruption to nearby buildings and roads. Shorter construction time leads to savings in site preliminaries, earlier return on investment and reduced interest charges.  Offsite steel fabrication, manufacturing of structural components and speedy on-site assembly by skilled professionals make steel one of the safest materials available on the market today.

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