It’s no secret that the Steel Industry has become highly competitive, with an influx of overseas high volume low cost manufacturers, Australian steel fabricators must find innovative ways to adapt, process and manufacture steel products to stay relevant and keep up with the demand from the construction industry.

In order to continue to maintain business and grow, local steel fabricators need to utilise their project management skills to calculate requirements for each project with absolute precision. A successful steel fabricator should ensure that each project runs like clockwork and that every element is accounted for e.g. the amount of steel inventory required is right for the project and minimising costly waste caused through over production. Other factors should also be taken into consideration such as time management that is also crucial in avoiding bottlenecks and additional labour costs. A smart steel fabricator will be across a project timeline, knowing when they need to be onsite to complete their work and when they need to vacate the site to allow other contractors to do the same.

Australian steel has a renowned global reputation this can partly be attributed to strict national quality assurance procedures and certificates. Local fabricators will have an advantage when competing against overseas fabricators whose standards may not be as high.

Trust is a huge factor when choosing to work with a steel fabrication partner. Local fabricators have the advantage of local market knowledge and have the opportunity to really showcase their brand and business to potential clients. They can offer on-site visits, facilitate meetings at their premises, can respond in real time to any project issues with efficiency and manufacture locally to the highest industry standards providing peace of mind. An innovative fabricator can provide testimonials and case studies including images and videos of previous work further building trust with potential clients.

Like it or not, change is on the horizon for steel fabricators and there are many challenges facing the steel industry. The businesses that will succeed are those that are willing to move with the times and are prepared to be innovative.

Smart local fabricators need to continually focus on improvement including streamlining productivity, reviewing internal processes and development of new product and service offerings to ensure survival and growth.

Through weekly reviews and discussions around improvements, researching and attending industry events and keeping abreast of new technologies an innovative steel fabricator has the ability to completely reinvent their business to not only be a match for overseas competitors but to distinguish themselves as an Industry leader.

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