The Australian Steel Fabricating Industry has been impacted by the increase of low-cost imported products and decline in demand locally over the past couple of years. With the reduction in local demand and loss of market share to imported products, the local industry has suffered considerable loss.

However its not all bad news and capable steel fabrication manufacturers may benefit from a modest rise in demand for non-residential commercial construction markets such as office buildings, industrial warehousing and multi story apartment developments.

So what are the factors involved for choosing to work with a local manufacturer?


  • Australia offers a high level of skilled steel professionals with a well-equipped supply chain that has grown over many decades. Local manufacturers can provide clients with high level designs, project management, reputable products for steel fabrication manufacturing and on-site assembly. Clients can be confident that their projects will be cost effective, high quality, compliant and most importantly supporting local employment.


  • Working with a local manufacturer from a projects inception can provide cost savings. Through the early planning and design stages, budgets can be accounted for and solutions can be created to meet those budgets.  By having all the requirements locally to get a project underway quickly will also save costs. Some manufacturers can offer fixed project pricing which can offer peace of mind as opposed to dealing with unpredictable global price fluctuations within the global steel industry. Other factors to consider include the reduction of handling project components. Less onsite inventory is required along with pre-production work that can free up some of the projects budget for alternative requirements.


  • The risk factor when working with a local manufacturer is greatly reduced, as local teams can be on-site when required.  Mistakes in interpreting project plans, being across local regulations and environmental policies are also minimised. Australian Steel Fabrication manufacturers will most likely have certified standards and understand the demands and expectations required from each project by having considerable relevant experience to produce outputs that regularly meet and exceed expectations.


  • Australian steel is renowned for its quality and consistency. The annual capacity of Australian steel manufacturers is circa eight million tonnes and over one and a half million tonnes of that is structural steel used for commercial, industrial and large residential buildings as well as other civil requirements such as bridges etc.  Australia is recognised for its ongoing continual improvement and innovation relating to steel fabrication products that mitigates risk for associated industry projects.

Australian steel fabrication manufacturers can produce special steel grades and have rigorous quality control procedures throughout the production process from beginning to end in accordance with regulated Australian standards that include product testing, certifying procedures and obtaining ISO 9001 accreditation.

Dunsteel is one of Australia’s leading steel fabrication businesses with over 50 years of experience. We specialise in delivering complex projects for successful building and architectural firms.

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