Maintaining a great reputation is a high priority for any business, and subsequently choosing the right steel fabrication partner to collaborate with on a project is paramount for not only the success of the project but in upholding your businesses reputation.

Prior to deciding the right steel fabrication partner for your project, there is some considerations to be made. Below are some suggestions to help guide you in choosing the right partner for your next project.


What products and services can the steel fabricator provide? Have they got in-house fabrication facilities, what are their fabrication processes and QA procedure’s? These are the types of questions you should be asking when seeking the right partner.

Design capabilities are also important; it’s one thing to take a prototype through to production, but what if you require design services? Find out the level of design services required for your project.

Have they invested in themselves? Steel fabricators who back their business, services and team will have invested in themselves, up to date technology and fabrication equipment, clean and well presented premises and are invested in staff development.


In steel fabrication a high level of experience is required. Ask the steel fabrication company about their depth of experience across all levels of the business. You need to feel secure that the team working on the project can not only fabricate but also offer helpful advice and insights to the overall project. Review their case studies and client testimonials and perhaps seek a reference from one of their existing clients.


A great steel fabrication partner will provide great service. It’s one of the most important factors in choosing a partner as how they respond and communicate with your business throughout the project will mean the difference between a projects success or failure. Great service should include; fast and effective responses to your enquiries, face-to-face meetings when possible to further develop the relationship, a constant point of contact throughout the project, regular updates around progress and issues and of course producing high quality work on time and on budget.

Additional factors.

Other factors to consider when choosing a steel fabrication partner include the following:

  • Location: being close to your fabricator allows you to visit their premises when required and see the production process. A centrally located fabricator can get finished products to the project site quickly and easily reducing time delays.
  • Value: There’s a reason for price differences, and before choosing the cheapest, think about the outcome you want to achieve for your project and your companies reputation. Consider all aspects that are involved in a proposal and include quality of materials, experience, reliability and service levels before engaging with your steel fabricator.
  • End-to-End services: Where practical, it makes sense to work with a steel fabricator that can manage the whole process from project conception through to full delivery and installation.
  • Quality: Find out what certifications the steel fabricator has and measures they take as a company to ensure quality in every project they handle.  The steel fabricator you choose should be aware of quality standards and prepared to deliver quality work that will pass all levels of inspection.

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