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“ Building bridges to connect residents to a multi storey apartment development”

Bower is a design led and commercially disciplined construction company delivering, smart and efficient residential, commercial and interior projects.  With offices in Sydney and Brisbane, their multi-disciplinary team consists of qualified building, commercial and architectural professionals, bringing a wealth of expertise acquired for delivering high profile projects both overseas and within Australia. Bower were seeking a steel fabrication partner to assist with building 2 pedestrian footbridges for they’re Windsor Gardens, Baulkham Hills residential development project.

Project Requirements

Bower were awarded the contract to build a multi-storey residential development of 147 apartments over four secure buildings up to seven-levels with a selection of spacious 1, 2 and 3 bedroom luxury apartments in a beautifully landscaped garden.

Bower began the search for a trusted Steel Fabrication partner who shared the same values and levels of expertise and could produce high quality finished product. The project required the design and construction of two pedestrian footbridges.  After reviewing a number of proposals, Bower chose to work with Dunsteel Group because of they’re quick response to their enquiry, their competitive pricing, their professionalism and overall approach.

The Dunsteel Group Approach

Once Dunsteel’s proposal was accepted, the next step was to meet with Bower to discuss the overall project objectives and understand all the elements involved from project commencement dates through to delivery. A detailed brief was taken and this created the roadmap for the design and build of the two bridges, factoring in budget, materials, quality control and adherence to national regulations.

With Dunsteel’s in-house capabilities including their 100+ tonne workshop that has state of the art CNC machinery, a Robotic Beam Line and a Plasma Cutter, they were able to meet and exceed Bower’s expectations.

The complex project involved Dunsteel building two pedestrian bridges that were pre built at their workshop including all timber and high detailed finishes. Dunsteel then assembled the bridges in modular sections, transported and finished assembly on site that took two days.

By utilising Dunsteel’s workshop for pre-assembly, a considerable amount of time was saved by not having to be on site.  Access to the units was quickly given to the builder on completion of the bridge. Dunsteel were also responsible for the shop drawing design.

Throughout the process, Dunsteel conducted consistent safety checks to ensure that the bridges were compliant with national regulations and would endure all elements for generations to come.

The results

The final outcome for the project was a 3-coat architectural paint system and oil finish on the timber. Both bridges were completed in three sections – main, post and prefabricated bridge section and prefabricated sheeted roof section.

Bower was extremely happy with the outcome of the project and Dunsteel’s commitment, innovation and precision to delivering a great result to both Bower and for the development itself. The project was delivered in a timely, cost effective manner and the development has proven to be extremely popular with property investors.

What the client says

“By engaging with Dunsteel Group the project was quick, productive and the results were effective.  They always get the job done with no excuses or complaints.  They are customer centric and offer fair pricing.”

Jamelle Saade
(Formerly) Bower Projects
Sydney NSW 2000

Byline: Dunsteel is a highly respected Steel Fabrication business that has successfully completed numerous major steel construction projects for leading New South Wales Builders and Architects.  The business spans three generations of the Dunlop family and has grown considerably since its humble beginnings in Moss Vale back in 1964


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February 20, 2017

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