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– the fastest fire stairs on the market


All multistorey buildings need compliant fire stairs. But getting traditional formwork fire stairs designed and installed, while keeping downtime to a minimum, meeting various contractor work schedules and cleaning up after construction, can be time-consuming and costly for builders.

Time pressure can lead to defects, delays and costly blowouts. And access to the live deck during the build is difficult, not to mention a safety risk.

RapidRise Firestairs solves these problems out of the box with fire isolated stairs compliant to all Australian standards.

Next Generation Fire Stairs Solution

Rapid Rise Firestairs are the innovative, next gen solution to fire escape stairs in multistorey buildings.

Sometimes described as core stairs, egress stairs or fire isolated stairs, their function remains the same – to allow occupants to leave a building quickly and safely. But the process of getting them designed, delivered and installed has never been easier or more cost effective than with technologically driven Rapid Rise Firestairs.

Why Choose Rapid Rise Firestairs?


Rapid from design to install.

Digital technology adoption allows for speed of design in the planning stage to efficient scheduling in the production phase and the quickest possible installation. Rapid Rise are your fastest fire stair solution.

Design integration made simple.

Rapid Rise Firestairs are modular and prefabricated so they’re easy to implement into your plans. We will provide you with CAD 3D models to input into your design software at the design stage. This lowers your risk and saves you time not just during construction but from the design stage onward.

Improve site safety.

Fall from heights is the biggest type of workplace accident. You can help reduce this to ‘as low as reasonably possible’ by installing compliant stairs in your voids early and quickly.

Simple to install and easy to clean.

The Rapid Rise Firestairs prefabricated modular system means you don’t need to rely on a multitude of scarce, expensive labour during the install. This improved resource efficiency will help keep you on schedule. Our durable metal finish is easily cleaned post construction.

No formwork.

No formwork, propping, bearers every few risers and curing time. Just simple and rapid site installation.

Compliant to all Australian standards.

Offsite prefabrication combined with simple modular installation means we meet all fire stairs Australian standards out-of-the box.

Design out waste.

Early design compliance, maximum production efficiency and limited on-site work allows you to reduce contingencies and maximise raw material usage.

Reduce site complexity.

Whether it’s less trades, less trucks, less access equipment or less rework, Rapid Rise Firestairs has the answers.

Pre-fabrication for a higher quality build.

Prefabrication eliminates slippage concerns, allows for accelerated project timelines, increases cost savings and lowers your defect punch list. And that means you get an overall higher quality of build.

Reduce errors and rework.

Fully compliant design, digital integration and pre-fabrication gives you project certainty.

Environmentally friendly.

Rapid Rise Firestairs are an aluminium fabricated solution that are green star compliant. Because they can be removed and recycled at the end of their life cycle Rapid Rise offers a greater environmental benefit than concrete or mixed material solutions.

Getting Your Rapid Rise Firestairs

Our innovative, prefabricated fire escape stairs have been created to provide you with the simplest, easiest process for implementing fire stairs into your multistorey building.

1. Design

Simply send us your stair shaft and floor level dimension inputs and we’ll give you your design outputs within a couple of hours. You’ll receive ready to use downloadable 3D CAD files for your design models.

2. Quote

Our fire stairs’ prefabricated and modular design system means you get a rapid price estimate. Get started on your project sooner.

3. Production

Rapid Rise Firestairs are pre-built. We produce our fire stairs in a quality controlled environment with state of the art machinery so you can have peace of mind for your build.

4. Installation

Installation is simple. The stair’s modular design allows for fast crane lifts and fitment (without the need for messy concrete pouring) so you can access the live deck within three hours of arrival on site. And we can always assist if necessary.

Once your project is complete, you will have functional and fit-for-purpose fire stairs – including landings, nosing and handrails – that are fully compliant to all Australian standards.

Benefits of Rapid Rise Firestairs versus traditional steel fire stairs

Traditional steel fire stairs can add more problems than solutions to your build.

They must be fully designed into the plan prior to building.
Installation is messy and complicated with concrete pours into steel forms under time pressure.
Defects are common. And the many subcontractors working on a single project means that final responsibility is often shrugged off.
Accessing the live deck is difficult and unsafe.

Stay on time and on budget with Rapid Rise

With Rapid Rise Firestairs you’re getting a flexible, prefabricated solution that is easy to drop into existing plans and fit within almost any type of multi-storey design. As modular units, installation is the fastest and easiest on the market. And you can be confident about building sure costs into your budget.


We already have a design for our fire stairs. Can we still use your prefabricated fire stairs?

Yes. With just a few simple parameters, we can turn your current design into a fully fabricated stair. Get in touch today for a quote.

We’re in the middle of a build. Can we still use Rapid Rise Firestairs?

Yes! Because they’re a flexible, modular product, it’s easy to specify Rapid Rise Firestairs in the middle of your build. Get in touch today for a quote and we can have your CAD 3D models to you within hours.

We need compliant fire stairs but we’re on a tight timeframe and can’t afford the downtime. How quickly can Rapid Rise Firestairs be installed?

Unlike traditional steel formwork core stairs, Rapid Rise Firestairs are a simple, clean solution that can be designed, engineered and installed in the shortest timeframe on the market. The stair’s modular design allows for fast crane lifts and fitment (without the need for messy concrete pouring) so you can access the live deck within three hours of arrival on site.

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