Steel Fire Stairs

Developed and designed by Dunsteel

Innovative complete steel stairway build system provides access to the deck in 2 hours

Dunsteel Steel Fire Stairs, are a unique, completely prefabricated stairway that can be very quickly installed level by level in the shaft of multi-storey buildings.

Your trades people can access the deck within 2 hours of delivery and installation.



The Dunsteel Process
Builder Benefits
We work directly from the architects plans
Simple, fast and efficient stairway installation.
Each project is custom designed. We prepare detailed workshop drawings of the complete stairway.
Gain access to the deck in just 2 hours.

Our plans are reviewed, updated and signed off by the builder.
Minimal crane time and disruption to the site operations
Steel Fire Stairs are prefabricated and assembled in the Dunsteel workshop.
Full constructed stairway with handrails
Full constructed stairway with handrails
Easier and faster access for tools and equipment

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