Steel Formwork Masters

Prefabricated steel formwork for stairways in multi-story buildings | Reduce cycle time

Get access to the deck within 3 days

Dunsteel Steel Formwork Masters are prefabricated steel formwork that includes the reinforcing for stairways and landings in large multistory buildings.

The prefabricated steel formwork sections fast and easy to install in the shaft. Concrete is poured directly into the steel formwork so your trades people will have safe access to the deck within 3 days.




How We Work
Builder Benefits
We work directly from the architects plans
Reduced total stairway build costs
Each project is custom designed. We prepare detailed workshop drawings of the complete stairway.

Reduction in Cycle Times
Our plans are reviewed, updated and signed of by the builder.
Access to the deck in 3 days.
The Steel Formwork Masters are prefabricated and assembled in the Dunsteel workshop.
Full constructed stairway with handrails

We deliver to site, crane the steel formwork into position and install.
Improved safety for your trades people
Concrete is poured into the formwork. Our fiber cement soffit are used to give a flat seamless finish.

Easier and faster access for tools and equipment
Installation of handrails completes the work.

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